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Journal History

Haii everyone!! I know i have been unforgivably inactiveeee but i swear i am back for good ;D i have been drawing loads and i have lots to update! <3
My brother has started a kickstarter for his photoshoot idea, of which i am a part of! I am the "Autumn Prince"...this will make sense after you've read this and gone onto the kickstarter page. Have a look around the page and see what he is doing and maybe even help him out by pledging something? 

"Imagine a world where the seasons were controlled by beautiful and powerful beings that reign over the land. A photo collection that personifies the mystical appearance of the ever changing seasons into a physical form, represented by four figures of royalty. 

Seasonal Royalty is something that has been building in momentum over the past couple of months, starting as a simple throw away idea which has blossomed into fully grown project. The project focuses on each individual character and their impact on the environment around them, showing their control over their specific season.
I initially came up with the idea when thinking about doing a single photo shoot inspired by the "Snow Queen". However, I found myself intrigued with the idea of there being royalty beyond this character and if so, what makes them special. This is where I linked her character with the season of Winter. I then decided on who should rule over the other seasons, where i decided upon a "Spring Princess", a "Summer Empress" and an "Autumn Prince" which was the first step in my long journey ahead."

Please help him!! he will be so grateful and plus you get some goodies for helping out :D The link…
I have alot of drawing to uploaddd and i hope everyone is doing well :hug:
  • Listening to: Paloma Faith
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Survivor
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Tea


Adam Heywood
United Kingdom
my name is Adam Lee Heywood, i am 5ft 12’ and live in the UK. I am 17. Here’s a few things that i love; cereal, Harry Potter, jumpers, Taylor swift, Paramore, skinny jeans, boots, Nintendo, Disney, horror films, autumn and laughing! i’m not the most interesting of humans, i have no particular special ability…although i know i am a wizard….just haven’t got my letter yet because of the stupid strike that happened in the 90’s…..

anyway… moving on, i’ve realized that although i have a few friends, i dont actually have that many ‘true friends’, friends that will tell you anything because they trust you. well i can’t say that it happens very often. You can say i’m not the most trustworthy person on the planet. I seriously can’t help it, i am like a gossip vulture! gobbling up all the gossip that i can get my claws on. doing this has made me kinda isolated from my friends seeming as they know that i never used to be very good at keeping secrets. occasionally, when they would be talking about something, i wont know what is happening and can’t be included so i just sorta sit there :/ i can’t helped being 2-faced, i mean who isn’t. i can at least admit it.

right onto my endless list of pathetic phobias! the main ones that seriously bother me are probably, clowns (creepy bitches), airplanes (maybe watching final destination when i was 7 wasn’t a very good idea) chavs, the dark (i know it’s pathetic) and the two that is more of an actual phobia than the others is the fear of being forgotten and the fear of things changing. i seriously don’t know why i have them. it sounds so selfish, but i don’t want things to change and stay like this forever. i hate seeing my friends do things that is out of their character just a few examples; drugs and drinking heavily and the consequences of this. It’s not like i judge them, it’s just i hate the idea of them changing from what they were before.

now onto the lovely topic of acne. the one thing that i literally cannot stand about myself, i mean there are other things i dislike which i cba to write about because nskjfkdsgn anywho acne, it just make me feel so god damn crap about myself. seeing everyone around you with ‘perfect’ skin that is smooth and not blotchy and red. what makes it worse is people saying ‘oh i have so many spots don’t look at me’… what the hell am i? like a colony of spots, i have so many i have become my own species. its just so unfair, but then life isn’t fair. the amount of tablets and treatments i have been on then haven’t worked are beyond belief. god, here i am moaning about my skin when there are people dying… why i am i so selfish.

one word. nun. i am seriously such a nun i hate drugs, will never ever smoke, don’t drink because i think it’s stupid and pointless and i will remain forever alone. sometimes i think that the only reason why people invite me to parties is so that they can have a cleaner. all i do is look after people, so they dont kill themselves when they are drunk or do something stupid. after helping them ‘i swear i will never drink again’ i hear it from absolutely everyone. they should really stop kidding themselves, i seriously don’t mind people drinking. just don’t do it so you can’t even remember what your name is, it seriously grinds my gears the wrong way. and for that reason, i do not go to parties that have alcohol because i sit in the corner and just clean up the mess. party animal me. people have just missed out on the number 1. cleaner is all i can say.

due to my ridiculously finicky eating habits, i literally only eat cereal at peoples houses. i need to get that sorted or something, i mean i deteste cheese with a passion, can’t stand that stupid yellow craphead, i can’t even pick it up if it’s in a wrapper. oh yeah that’s another thing that’s wrong with me x3 i hate my food touching, not that i have a eating disorder, i just don’t like having a messy dinner plate :3

say haii to me by giving me a quick ask! i don’t bite much!

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